Is Your Masculine Ruling You in Motherhood? – 5 Tips to Allowing Your Feminine to Take The Lead!

Masculine and Feminine Energy both have their places in many different areas of our life and by tuning into these energies and having awareness we are able to use these to our benefit. It is not about which one is better than the other but more so finding the balance between the two and understanding how you can shift and change between both to suite your lifestyle.
Before I get into how this has anything to do with motherhood I think its important to understand what determines Masculine and Feminine Energy very briefly.
Masculine Energy
– Single focused
– Doing
– Logical
– Strategic
– Physical
– Providing/giving
Feminine Energy
– Intuition
– Softness
– Seeing more than what meets the eye
– Receiving
– Being rather than Doing
– Letting Go
– Being in Flow
Now I can guess that you are most likely identifying  with many of the masculine traits and possibly a few of the feminine traits, although most mothers I work with are highly tuned into their masculine energy. Why wouldn’t we be?  As women in this day and age it is becoming more common for women to step into a masculine role in their lives with the whole “I don’t need no man, I’m capable of everything”, mantra and please know that I’m all for empowered women and equal rights for women most definitely. As a result of this conditioning within society I feel we as women and mothers are becoming more detached from our feminine energy and almost finding it difficult to be with that energy.
This can come out in many ways as a Mother, you may find yourself constantly busy, never having enough time, always doing something and maybe even feeling un easy when you aren’t busy. You could even find yourself being controlling, having trouble letting go and also having the mentality of “my way is the best way, there for the only way”. You struggle with being fully present especially with your children and you often question yourself, you give and give until burn out and you struggle receiving help from anyone. You feel at ease when everything is scheduled and routine is life! (Please know that this is an extreme case and that you may not identify with all these areas. There is also other factors that contribute to these experiences as a mother.)
Sitting in this highly masculine energy without much presence of the feminine energy to balance it out can leave you in meltdown mode when things don’t go to plan, feeling somewhat lost and out of touch (especially if we are not making time for self care), often leading to comparison, self criticism, getting stuck in your head and detaching from the feminine even more.
Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying we “shouldn’t”  have schedules and plan or be productive, Im just explaining what it can look like when the masculine is taking far to much of the lead in your life.  So what can you do about it? Below are my top 5 tips to getting back in touch with your feminine as a mother.
1. Surrender – Things never go to plan (especially with children) practicing the surrender to what is and knowing that its all perfect. Surrendering to your expectations as well and asking for help or support.
2. Intuition  – trust that gut feeling, letting go of the need for validation and always going straight to asking what another mother is doing. Play around with the idea that you already know exactly what your child needs and exactly what you need.
3. Open to Receiving – In all areas of your life including intimacy, help/support, gifts, love, abundance. This is a beautiful way of being to play with and can sometimes be challenging to begin with, its also really freeing when you realise you have everything you need when you are open to it.
4. Taking time to fill your cup and literally just be – true self care, not the surface stuff, the connecting to your soul or nature kind of self care – this is where you can use your masculine energy to plan out your self care time for the week and commit to it!
5. Presence and Mindfulness, being in the Flow – This is great to practice being fully present with your child, letting them show you the way by playing in the wonder of it all. Focusing on your senses, what are you seeing and feeling (both through touch and emotion), what are you hearing, what can you smell (that unique smell when you nuzzle your nose into your childs head and kiss it) and taste (if its relevant). Don’t forget to take a deep breathe and take it all in.
We have many roles as mothers and sometimes its quite effective to let our masculine energy take the lead in certain areas of our life for example when we step into our working role so I want to leave you with is an amazing tool introduced to me by Katie Lynnwhich is a transition period between masculine dominant roles and feminine dominant roles. By introducing a transition ritual (if you want to call it that), whether that be 2 minutes of deep breathing, having a shower, doing a dance, whatever it may be to allow you to let go of the masculine energy and step back into the feminine. This can be really helpful before you pick up your children from school or whenever  you get to put your mum role hat back on.
Motherhood is the epitome of Divine Feminine Energy and by connecting back to that you may find your #mumlife to flow with more ease and grace – And who doesnt want that! (Hello Zen AF Mumma)

If you would like some support to go deeper into stepping into your power as a woman (while being an amazing Mumma) take a look at my one on one coaching program.

This blog was inspired by my journey of getting in touch with my feminine energy which included a transformational course through Monique Benabou an amazing artist (singer) and coach.
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