Hello and Welcome! Im so excited you are here because by being here it means you are curious. Curious to make change in your life.

This is a space for you Mama, to redefine what it is that Motherhood means to you from your highest self, your deep knowing and remembering of the woman that you want to be in this life and how Motherhood intertwines through that.

We have been given one of the greatest gifts on this earth to be a Mother and raise the Children of our Future! No biggy right! No pressure at all! BUT There is an enormous amount of pressure to be the “Perfect Mother”. Society and the world places so many expectations around motherhood along with our adopted belief systems of being a Mother we can feel like we are failing, like we are drowning under a sea of “shoulds” and misalignment because “thats just how it is.” Mothers guilt, putting ourself last, being a martyr, limiting our pleasure, shaming our sexuality, doubting our innate wisdom, the list goes on and so many of us just live our life, accepting that this part of it will pass and that our focus gets to be our children for now.

We are living in a society where its just the norm to resent our partners, be burnt out and just push through, feel disempowered and disconnected. Then we wonder why we snap at our children and feel guilty for it.

There is a HUGE amount of courses and books and information on how to parent better, be a better mother, fit yourself into this perfect little box of identity for every which way of mothering thats available.

So I’m not really here to to support you in being a better Mother although the result of the work we do together will support you in feeling more empowered as a mother and to show in more alignment, to ultimately be a more present and joyful Mother.

Im here to support you to feel so freaking Empowered and deeply connected to your essence, to take up space in your family and in the world, to have clear MF boundaries, to have rhythms in your family and home that make your life feel nourishing and supportive to be AND express yourself as the Woman you know are deep down.

My Story

Hi I am Estelle Spano, Certified Holistic Coach. I am a mum to a little girl (5) and a little boy (1). Through my journey of motherhood I have learnt more about myself and my way of being then ever before. There is something about having a child that encourages us to grow and learn every single day.

After having my daughter and experiencing post natal depression and anxiety I reached a point where I didn’t know myself anymore! My WHOLE life had changed, my body, my relationship with myself, my partner, my friends and loved ones. My Identity was lost to me. I spent ALOT of time delving into self discovery and personal development but even with all that I was disconnected and felt lost.

I felt lonely and lost no matter how much support from loved ones I had around me. But with the busyness of being a mum it was easier to push it under the rug then face it, so I threw myself completely into mum life.

Eventually it all caught up and I hit breaking point. I felt powerless and needed some support. I spent some time working with my own mentor and crying a lot (lets be honest). I healed and grieved a lot and bit by bit took back my power and reconnected with myself.

I knew there had to be other mothers who had gone through what I had in some way so I devoted my mission to support them AND here I am 5 years later.  Things have evolved and shifted a lot over the last 5 years but my mission still remains the same.

Estelle Spano xx