Hello and Welcome to Metanoia Mama! This is a space for you Mama, to come back to the deep knowing and remembering of your essence.

We have been given one of the greatest gifts on this earth to be a Mother and raise the Children of our Future! No biggy right! No pressure at all! But this isn’t about being the “Perfect Mother”, this is about being authentically you, willing and committed to yourself and your own healing and growth, so we can love those and be there for those that mean the most to us!

Metanoia Mama supports you in reclaiming your identity, breaking down those blocks that have been created in holding you back from your highest self, allowing you the space to heal and grow into the leader you wish to be for yourself and your family.

With a mix of personal development, health, real talk, connection, spirituality and human behaviour, Metanoia Mama brings you Holistic Workshops (past topics of; Overcoming Overwhelm, Nutrition, Relationships & Intimacy & more to come), Courses in coming together with a tribe of mothers and stepping in your Empowered Self, Personal One on One Coaching with Estelle Spano Certified Coach and Founder of Metanoia Mama and a whole heap of exciting stuff to come!

Join The Metanoia Mama Tribe today! A space free of judgement for you to come and share your authentic self and connect with like minded Mothers.

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My Story

Hi I am Estelle Spano, Certified Holistic Coach who is inspired by all things health and balance. I am a mum to a little girl Scarlett and through my journey of motherhood I have learnt more about myself and my way of being then ever before. There is something about having a child that encourages you to grow and learn every single day.

After having my daughter and experiencing post natal depression and anxiety I reached a point where I didn’t know myself anymore! My WHOLE life had changed, my body, my relationship with myself, my partner, my friends and loved ones. My Identity was lost to me. I spent ALOT of time delving into self discovery and personal development but even with all that I was disconnected and felt lost.

I felt lonely and lost no matter how much support from loved ones I had around me. But with the busyness of being a mum it was easier to push it under the rug then face it, so I threw myself completely into mum life.

Eventually it all caught up, after all these years of finding out who I was, I became a mother and I felt like I had to start from the beginning again. I spent some time working with my own mentor and crying a lot (lets be honest), when it hit me… there had to be other mothers going through this. From that moment The Mumma Hub was born! (Now evolved into Metanoia Mama). Its been a long, slow, frustrating, inspiring, challenging and beautiful experience learning the ropes of being a mum and starting a business but Im so grateful for every win and challenge along the way.

Metanoia Mama

Its now my mission to support mothers in coming back to the deep knowing and remembering of their essence. I truly believe in this process we get to find the woman we know has always been inside of us. We get to connect to the powerful, Intuitive, Graceful being that she is.

Through transparency, vulnerability and authenticity we can connect and unite in mother hood to build each other up. There is no right or wrong just learning, because we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have both physically and emotionally.

I’m here to expand on those tools with you and to bring awareness to the areas of your being that are keeping you exactly where you are. Through creating this awareness and  calling you forward into your growth we will change your life.

Its so easy for us mothers to make life only about our loved ones so everything Metanoia Mama offers is about us Mamas. Through making ourselves a priority we are able to  overflow love onto the ones we love because when we feel whole we can be a better mother, partner, friend and family member.

Through my experience working with Mothers, learning, studying and my own experiences throughout motherhood I relate to the everyday blessings and challenges of motherhood to provide a relatable, uplifting, supportive coaching experience for Mothers to change their mindset, overcome blocks and truly lead with Grace and Passion.

I’d be honoured to support you in your journey.

Estelle Spano xx

Founder of Metanoia Mama