Growing up I thought my parents knew the answer to everything, their words and actions were so powerful because they were the first example I ever had.

There came a point in my life when I was probably in my early twenties that I realised they too are just on their journey of growth and realisation.

Now being a parent, I’m learning everyday just like they were and I have a whole new found appreciation for everything they did both effective and ineffective from my point of view.

People carry out their lives with the tools they have to take action and make decisions accordingly. There will always be some things that we do that may be ineffective as parents but the more conscious we are of our growth and owning our mistakes the more conscious and grounded our children will become as adults. Love, Connection & Acceptance amongst some others are all things I highly value and as I truly learn to find those things in myself I am able to express them for my loved ones.

Making a commitment to yourself and your growth is also making a commitment to those you love 💕💗💜


Photo: Apogee Photography (Jose Garcia)
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