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“When we gather we heal”





Come as you are, a space free of judgment, Mothers uniting and connecting through the messy and magical experiences of motherhood. Let this be a space to fill your cup, a space for reflection, healing and connection with like minded Mothers.  We will enjoy a cacao ceremony , guided meditation or channelled  reading and some other intuitive practices (depending on the theme of the circle) , all in a safe loving space!

This space is baby free so we can be single focused on filling ourselves up and connecting, without having to multitask and be there for our children at the same time. I know it can be difficult leaving our little ones AND I can guarantee that they will feel how full with love you are when you return and the two hours away for yourself allows you to be more connected and present. Commit to yourself Mama and make this happen you deserve it.

LOCATION: East Fremantle, WA  (Address will be sent out prior to the event)

NEXT CIRCLE January 30th 2022 ( 2-4pm)

January Mama Healing Circle

This circles focus is setting Nourishing intentions and goals.

How many times as a Mama have you set all the goals to do the things that you hope will make you feel better and more aligned THEN life happens, Motherhood happens and the goals go out the window. The self criticism begins and you feel at square one again?

This circle is going to allow you to tune into your intentions and goals in a different way. Calling in both the feminine and masculine energy, and techniques and philosophies that I use to create some powerful paradigm shifts in motherhood, life and intention all in one. 

I’m excited to connect and speak our visions into the world by sharing and creating our intentions together. 

This is typical Estelle style with a blend of witchy magic and practicality you will leave feeling clear and inspired. 

As always we will enjoy some nibbles and a heart opening cacao ceremony 💕


These Circles are…

A space to connect back to yourself.

A space to connect back to other like minded women.

A space to feel held.

A space to be seen.

A space to unravel.

A space to recalibrate your nervous system.


If you have been craving some space devoted to you and your expansion then this is your sign. I look forward to sitting with you in circle 💕


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Most Recent Past Events

Lovers & Mothers – Relationship Workshop for Mothers

October 2018

Motherhood transforms you and it transforms your relationship! We are not only navigating a new role as a women but also a new dynamic with our partner. Throw into the works sick children, broken sleep, finding your sexy again as a mother and intimacy can seem like the last thing on your mind. Disconnection happens far too often in relationships after having children and we are going to equip you with the knowledge and the tools to bring connection, intimacy and consciousness to your relationship.


Lindsay (Sex and Relationship coach) and Estelle (Self Empowerment Coach for Mothers) will be sharing their experience first hand as mothers and coaches as well as their experience working with women who they have supported to thrive in their life and relationships. They will be sharing relatable, easy to integrate techniques, tools and knowledge to support you in transforming your relationship with your partner after having children.


Our children feel every bit of tension and disconnection in our relationship and we have the opportunity to model to them what a connected, loving, respectful relationship is like for them AND for us to live a fulfilling happy life.


Topics Covered:

  • The Importance of Sex in Your Relationship
  • Taking Down Barriers – Recognising your triggers, what they are and how they affect relationships, beliefs and expectations.
  •  Finding Pleasure Everyday!
  • Mystery vs Openness- How do we keep the mystery, The problem with over sharing, balancing connection and mystery.
  • Why your relationship with yourself is the key to connecting with your partner.
  •  Love Language
  • Personality types and Communication

–        And so much more…


Who are the Speakers?

Lindsay Bodhi

Lindsay is all about passion. Living lives and relationships that light us up. She is a certified Sex & Relationship Coach, and also teaches women how to feel more confident in their bodies, sexuality and lives. She has studied everything from Personal Development Psychology to Tantra, Holistic Women’s Health and all things Sex, Love & Relationships. Lindsay is a Mother of three and has been with her husband nearly 20 years, she understands the struggles. Her desire is to help you create the love, sex and passion you’ve been looking for.

Lindsay is a Mother to three children and has been in her relationship for 16 years!


Estelle Spano



Moving Through Overwhelm Powerfully in Motherhood

As Mothers we are no strangers to the feeling of overwhelm! Sometimes it just all gets too much!

This workshop is based on the E book written by Estelle Spano “Overcoming Overwhelm” where we will delve into key tools and techniques to move through a day, a week or a moment of overwhelm.

You will recieve a gift from Estelle on the day and their will be light nibblies, herbal tea and sparkling water.

This is a space for women to come together, we will be leaving our judgement at the door to have a beautiful space for mother to connect and just know we are not alone in the day to day challenges of being a mum AND we get to take power back and make changes in our life to move through motherhood with more ease and grace.

This is an event just for you! So treat yourself get a loved one to watch your bub and come and indulge in conversation with adults without having to half finish your sentences to chase or save your child (its actually heaven) and tools you can actually use in your life that work!


From OMG to OM

Stress conquering workshop for mums using powerful yoga tools and other techniques.



– The keys to stressing less and making time for self care
presentation by Estelle Spano (Mothers Mindset Coach – The Mumma Hub)

– Very powerful relaxation techniques

– Mindful breathing exercises

– Guided meditation with visualisation

– Empowering physical body yoga poses, concentrating
especially on pelvic floor and back area (which can become extremely tight from picking up, feeding and holding children)

– Stress management plan for the future

– Gift bags full of healthy goodies

– Snacks and drinks during the event


Workshop Facilitators:

Estelle Spano (Founder of Metanoia Mama)


Renata Popis – Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist, Practical Social Psychology Graduate and creator of Shape of harmony.

Renata has been working with body awareness and mindful attitude using yoga, meditation, dance and massage as tools for over a decade now. She believes that these techniques can help us to rediscover a peaceful and joyful place within us.
Through Shape of harmony she offers a soulful practice to regain the holistic balance of body, emotions and mind, release hidden tentions and experience a much greater feeling of happiness and fulfilment.


Healthy Mindset with Britt Wellington

Tools and techniques to create and maintain a healthy mindset as a mother.

Attendees Experience

“I loved the first workshop so much – got so many fantastic self-development tips about healthy mindset, creating balance and overcoming mum guilt. It was a wonderfully supportive, relaxed atmosphere and I’m looking forward to the next workshop.”


Nutrition with Sarah Moore

A workshop covering how to make healthier choices with minimal time and effort, increasing your energy levels, How to read food labels and make better choices in the supermaarket. Extensive Q and A with Sarah Moore.


Please express your interest here for upcoming workshops with a short email to Estelle and you will be one of the first to know all the details.

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