I’ve been in a funk lately. Let’s just say that full moon, amongst other things (like no internet and a non sleeping child) has got me good!

My ability to have fun and experience Joy in my life gets a total back seat when I’m in a funk. Then I think to myself how did I get here? When did taking life so seriously completely take over my way of being?

It probably wasn’t a single moment but many accumulated over time to get me to the point I’m at. It’s each moment when I make a choice to put aside fun and joy to get something done. When I choose something over having fun. It’s probably the fact that I even think I have to choose one or the other ?? who said you couldn’t do both?

Your life and experiences as a child and throughout the rest of your life do condition you and build belief systems but it’s the consistent actions and decisions everyday that make our reality.

You have the choice to let go of the past and CHOOSE NOW how you want to be but AWARENESS is the first step.

This point of feeling defeated and craving some fun and joy in my life has given me the AWARENESS AND REALISATION that although it’s easy to blame my circumstances, other people and “things” it’s actually me and my consistent actions and choices that determine the life I live.

So here is to taking responsibility and #choosingjoy

Who else forgets to have fun?! ??

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