Manage Anxiety, Increase Energy and Focus with this Simple Technique.

Breathing – something you don’t actually have to think about seeming as it pretty much takes care of itself. It’s an involuntary control mechanism in the body but the really cool part is that it’s also one of the few that is voluntary as well. This means you can turn off the auto pilot and take control. You can hack your breathing! Think Childbirth but a thousand times less intense!

Breathing techniques have been proven to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain control (aka child birth) and more. There are many different Breathing techniques but the particular one I use most often for myself and as a suggestion to my clients is Box Breathing.

The technique: Box Breathing

The first time you give this a go be sure to sit in an upright position in a safe space. Take a couple of deep breathes practising breathing into your diaphragm, picturing your lungs as a balloon. As you inhale the balloon fills up and your stomach rises and then as you exhale the balloon deflates and your stomach falls.

Step 1: Breathe out all the air in your lungs. Hold for 4 seconds

Step 2: Breathe in for 4 seconds through your nose.

Step 3: Hold for 4 seconds

Step 4: Exhale for 4 seconds

This is best repeating for 4 minutes each time although if you are a beginner then start with 2 minutes and work your way up. Aim for a minimum of 2 minutes per day of the box breathing technique.

You will feel the benefits as your nervous system relaxes and your focus will improve. This technique is especially helpful when your child may be having a tantrum or even in a situation where you want to choose to respond, rather than react. It’s also extremely helpful when you are feeling anxious.

To incorporate this habit into your life pick something you do already and attach this to it. It might be every time you park the car in the driveway when you get home or every morning when you wake up. The more often you do this the more benefits you will receive from it.

Estelle xx

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