Metanoia Mama Three Month Journey

This is a Deep Dive into Re-Connecting with the essence of you and Re-writing your Stories .

Connect back to the essence of who you are.

Get clear on the expression of you in the world as a Mother & a Woman (Because you are Mother AND your own Woman).

This Journey is for you if you are feeling ANY of the following:

A sense of unfulfillment since becoming a Mother.

You experience Mothers Guilt that feels disempowering often.

You are ready to step into the truest expression of you and share that with the world.

You feel like you “do” so much yet feel like you are failing.

You feel disconnected in your relationship.

You don’t know who you are anymore. You feel disconnected from yourself.

You don’t know what makes you happy besides your children.

You have an inkling of “there has to be more to all of this.”

You are highly self critical.

You thought Motherhood would be different to how it has turned out.

You sometimes experience loneliness yet you never really get a moment alone.

You have put your babies needs all before your own and you feel depleted and unsupported.

You have dreams for your purpose and your life but dont know where to start and how that fits in with Motherhood.

This 3 Month Journey will be based on coming home to yourself. To feel excited about life, clear about who you are and what it is that you value. Creating a vision for yourself and your family that feels exciting and nourishing.

Becoming a Mother is not just birthing a baby it’s birthing a whole new you along with it.

But the rebirth is a long on going process from the moment we hold our baby in our womb onwards to throughout what I believe to be the first few years of your child’s life.

We don’t give this process space, we focus on how to do and be a mother for our baby and often what comes with that is neglecting ourselves.

We have our own beliefs around who we feel we need to be now in the world as a mother and many of them are subconscious. This is an opportunity to uncover them and rewrite them on your own terms!


For the three months working together we have a theme for each Month. These themes are fluid for your own individual experiences and what may come up for you in the process. Nothing about the structure is rigid and I will flow with you and your unique journey.


Create & Cultivate

We will dive deep into the possibilities of the life you wish to create, dance in the excitement of the vision you hold for yourself and your family and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be in your life.


The Essence of Me

We will delve into the subconscious rule books you have written for how you get to be in this world as a woman who is a Mother. Connecting with the Essence of you. Redefining the expression of yourself on your terms! An opportunity if it feels aligned for your journey to be given the space to grieve the woman you once were to truly embrace the woman you are becoming. This is all about shedding, releasing and rebuilding.



We will work together in integrating spacious structure to hold your feminine flow, embodiment and moving through the hurdles of motherhood and life with the awareness that has been gained over the prior two months. In this last month we dance with the woman you wish to embody, the woman you have begun to uncover within yourself.

This program is not for you if:

You are not ready to commit to yourself a hundred percent.

You only have one foot in because of all the convenient excuses that can feel very real as a Mother.

You are not ready to face off with your resistance to do the work on this journey.

You do not take ownership of your experience. (I am here to facilitate, hold and guide you back to yourself, to support you in uncovering your own answers – not to provide you with the answers.)


6 x 60 minute zoom coaching sessions with Estelle (fortnightly)

Depending on individual needs; Resources and integration activities, guided meditation, journal prompts, stretches to do in between sessions.

Weekly voxer check ins with Estelle to keep you on track and to feel supported.

Access to Transforming Mothers Guilt self paced E Course – Complimentary as a bonus!

If you have been guided to this page and you are ready to take bold action to walk in this world as the woman you know you are destined to be, then I would be honoured to support you on this journey.


Upfront Payment


Payment Plan over 3 Months – 6 x payments of $250 fortnightly

*Please get in touch if payment is a barrier for you, I would love to work with you to find a way to make this happen if you are a full body yes.

If you would like to connect for a 15 minute discovery call book in a with me below.


Estelle Spano – Mothers Empowerment Coach

Estelle Spano is a Certified Holistic Coach and a mum to two. Through the depths of her journey in motherhood she has learnt more about herself and her way of being then ever before.

It was Estelle’s initiation into Motherhood experiencing a huge loss of identity, anxiety and post natal depression that led her down the path of rediscovering herself and redefining Motherhood. Her experience ignited a fire within her to support other mothers on their journey and since then has been working with Mothers for 5 years. She is passionate about supporting Mothers in redefining Motherhood and life on their own terms, to feel fully expressed, empowered and connected to essence of who they are.

There is no one modality that Estelle uses to support you. Her coaching style is practical, loving, grounded and comes from a place of understanding and embodiment. She uses her intuitive gift to invite you into places where you get to uncover the answers that lie within you.