Nurturing The Nurturer

Nurturing The Nurturer

You know that feeling we get when we are being totally cared for, like when you have your hair washed at the hair dresser, when you get a message, or even when you receive a healing session or anything along those lines. Their is a new found sense of appreciation in being nurtured once you are a mother. We spend so much of our time nurturing others.

Being nurtured is a beautiful act of self care and filling our cup but how can we do it everyday? We can’t all get a message daily necessarily, but we are surrounded by loved ones and our children are actually beautiful little nurturers (look at any toddler with a baby doll).

My three top tips for allowing yourself to be nurtured more as a mother.

  • Be open to receiving – move out of that masculine energy and embrace the feminine. (I wrote a blog about masculine and feminine energy in motherhood – check it out HERE) Let yourself be cared for, held, stroked and just all around loved by anyone willing to give it. If someone offers you a hug you welcome it with open arms, if you are offered anything be open to accepting it and feel the love! Often in the moments of feeling drained
  • Involve your children on a daily basis. Invite your children to give you a hug, ask them to stroke your hair while you lie down for a moment. Allow your children to Nurture you and if they are not in the mood take that moment to nurture yourself anyway.  – I recently experienced a beautiful workshop by Alecia Jade (a wonderful holistic health coach) and Gillian (founder of The Little yoga school) and during this workshop Gillian walked us through a couple of exercise where our children stroked our backs or played out a story that we told by drawing it on our back and another where we laid in the sun and our children stoked us, rubbed some beautiful oils on us and kissed our foreheads. You could see the absolute love and satisfaction our children experienced by looking after their Mummas. We had some relaxing music playing and all the children were whispering,  it was such a beautiful experience.
  • Differentiate between being touched as an act of recieving rather than only giving. We so often can get to the end of the day as mothers and feel completely touched out. The last thing we can think of doing is being intimate or hugging our partner especially after a day with a clingy child. I have found a great way of reframing this circumstance. I switch my mindset from giving to receiving. I take a few moments to re centre either by having a shower or just taking a few deep breathes on my own. I then approach my partner with a completely different context and I have noticed by coming to him with a different energy he is able to step in to his masculine energy hold me and nurture me. We have gotten to the point now that words don’t even have to be spoken and he just knows I could use a big giving hug. I remind myself to completely surrender and receive every ounce of love in that hug and I normally let out a big deep breathe.

And of course it all starts with finding ways to nurture yourself for yourself in your life as well. Committing to acts of self care that are a commitment to your worth and love for yourself. Ultimately this is the key to feeling more loved and nurtured in your life.

The best thing about this act is not only how we get to feel but also the feelings we get to witness from the people who get to nurture us by just simply letting go and allowing them to.

There is something that’s just so beautiful about experiencing acts of care and love from those that we give so much love to every single day. Give it a go!

Lots of Love

Estelle xx

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