Pre Baby Weight


What even is pre baby weight and what does it represent? I speak to sooo many mothers that are aiming for this number. Aiming to be back at a weight they were when they were a completely different person with a completely different life and a completely different body.

It’s almost like comparing yourself to someone else, which is pretty crazy right! (But we do that too.)

So here is my take…I got caught in the trap of needing to be this weight because that’s what I was before I had S. I need to jump this high, run this far, do this many reps bla bla bla.

I saw all these people bouncing back because let’s face it, the people that don’t bounce back aren’t normally posting before and after photos. For a moment I questioned myself, I saw the nine months in, nine months out photos and thought that’s where I should be. I saw the 1 year post baby photos and I got a bit down on myself.

Comparison really is the theif of joy and in saying that, why are we comparing ourselves with who we use to be and how we use to look.

I’m not saying it’s not achievable to get back to your pre baby weight but I can guarantee you that your body will look and feel different, it may take longer to get there and it may take a bit more work to maintain.

Instead of focusing on that number, what if we focused on our health and how we are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically. Health is holistic and when we focus on the numbers and physical performance without taking everything into consideration we can get caught up in a negative mental and emotional cycle.

The best way to track your health is to give up the comparison of what you use to be and tune into your body, set some clear goals most definitely and celebrate every little win!

You are the person you are now not the person you use to be, your body has transformed and so has your life. So be kind to yourself and focus on your energy and your overall health, not that silly number that you give so much power to!
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