Testing Times


It’s easy to seem like you have everything together until your toddler loses it in public.

I find myself getting quickly overwhelmed and bending over backwards trying to reason with an almost 2 year old that is not interested in listening to anything I have to say in the moment.

People stare at us and a part of me cringes at what they ‘must’ be thinking.

Suddenly any judgement I had prior to becoming a mum and all the things I said I would surely never do seem to go out the window because I really never knew what it’s like to be in this situation.

S had that many tantrums last night through the airport, at check in, screaming and throwing herself around because she had to sit on my lap for take off. Tears started to well up in my eyes as I had to hold her down in my lap while the plane got ready to take off. By this point I was feeling defeated, alienated and alone. The flight attendant stopped as she went to sit down for take off and told me it would all be ok and not to stress…That one person who could see I was really struggling made all the difference. All I needed to hear was some words of encouragement.

Next time you see a mum with a tantrum throwing child let her know she’s going to be ok and not to worry.

In reflection I think the main stress comes from worrying what others think, I have to remind myself that their opinion really doesn’t matter to me and I need to provide the space for my daughter to let all that built up emotion out in a safe space both emotionally and physically. The calmer I can be the more loving and safe the space is, which will allow her to let it all out.

I’m grateful for the experience and the challenge it has brought me because I’m learning everyday more about myself and how I can be for my daughter. 💕
. photo: Apogee Photography (Jose Garcia)
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