Transforming Mothers Guilt

The Relentless grip of mothers guilt can have you feeling like you are not doing enough as a mother or like you are making the wrong decisions. Maybe you have given up on doing things for yourself because its just too hard or because you feel you should spend time focusing on your children right now.

What is there not to feel guilty about in this day and age as a mother?

Screen time, the food we feed our kids, the school we choose, going back to work, being bored, not feeling fulfilled, motherhood not being what you thought it would be, not breastfeeding, breastfeeding not long enough, snapping at your children, asking for help, working or not working, not playing with your children enough, just to name a few. Its relentless.

In this E Course I teach you a process to transform your mothers guilt in the moment when it comes up and come back to feeling empowered in your choices and your life. We will breakdown guilt, discover where it comes from for you individually and do the work to redefine your relationship with it by learning practical tools and gaining awareness to feeling empowered with it.

I’m not here to tell you that guilt can be eliminated from your life because I don’t believe it can be but Im going to show you how it can be a valuable tool in our growth and our mothering.

This is an easy to follow Course for Mamas that packs a punch!

It includes:
✨Bite sized downloadable audio files in each module all on an easy to use app!

✨Journal prompts, exercises and ceremonies to shift the guilt. 

✨Real life examples 

✨My signature 4 Step Process for Transforming different types of guilt.

✨Support squad in a group of Mamas who have done or are doing the course with you.


I’m excited to support you to shift some shit and completely change your relationship with Mum Guilt!!


Estelle Spano

Mothers Empowerment Coach with experience working with Mothers for the past 5 Years.

Estelle Spano is a Certified Holistic Coach who is hugely passionate about supporting Mothers to feel empowered in their lives. She holds Mothers through Re-defining Motherhood on their terms while rediscovering the essence of who they are.

Estelles experience working with Mothers and her own experiences throughout motherhood create an uplifting, safe, nurturing and grounded coaching experience.